Our Knife Shop Setup

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Our Knife Shop Setup

Post by Aett Armorers-Chris » Sun Jan 20, 2019 12:39 am

Our Shop!

Early on when I made the decision to leave the company I worked for and become a custom maker, I drew on previous experience being self-employed when it came to opening a shop. Keep it simple to start and don't EVER over extend myself or the company.

The shop is a 40' shipping container. Strong, secure, weatherproof

Facility Details:
  1. 3/4" foam insulation board glued to the walls covered with 1/8" paneling.
  2. 9 electrical circuits (220V, 110V, isolated circuit for electronics)
  3. 2" concrete foundation under CNC mill (this sits on top of already very strong floor, done to cut down vibration)
  4. Temperature and Humidity controls as well as venting/fresh air circulation.
  5. 60 square feet of work bench space
  6. Design/3D Print Station
  7. CNC Operations Station
  8. Materials Handling Station
  9. Assembly Station
  10. Quality Station
  11. Shipping/Receiving
  12. Redundant/Layered Security
  1. CNC Mill - 3 axis w/quick change pallets, vacuum workholding, router/engraver attachment
  2. 3D Printer
  3. Bandsaw
  4. Chopsaw
  5. Drillpress
  6. Grinder/Buffer
  7. Belt/Disk Sander
  8. Vice
  9. Arbor Press
  10. Electroplater
  11. Blade sharpener
  12. More coming.....
So far we love this shop! As we go we'll add more storage options (shelves/cabinets) and more equipment as we need it. 3 people can work comfortably with the current setup and not find themselves on top of each other as long as we maintain our stations and workflow. Currently prototyping stage on knife so shop hasn't yet faced the test of full production.
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