Instructional – Fieldstipping (w/video)

More in-depth discussion on our inaugural product, the Drengr Folding Knife. Design goals, challenges, insight into what goes into making it.
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Instructional – Fieldstipping (w/video)

Post by Aett Armorers-Chris » Mon Feb 17, 2020 8:25 pm

Instructional – Fieldstipping (w/video)

To show owners how to properly fieldstrip the knife.
*Always handle with care as knives are sharp!*


Additional Information/Tips:

Things to keep in mind when first using
  1. Take your time, do things slow and steady as you become familiar with knife and how this feature works.
  2. Nothing should have to be forced. If you feel anything binding, stop and look for why.
  3. A little wiggle goes a long way. Don't jam anything into position, give it a little wiggle and let it find the position it naturally wants to be in.
  4. Make sure Blade is all the way down and seated against Spacer Washer. If it isn't, the Left Frame will not smoothly twist and lock onto pivot pin. The Left Frame should always turn freely onto pivot pin with minimal force required. Until you get used to the feel, you can use 2 fingers to press frames together at Pivot Pin area to ensure they are together and flush when rotating Left Frame in.
  5. You don't have to press Takedown Pin hard to unlock and turn, just enough to depress it slightly so it can rotate.
If you have any issues or would like further instruction on fieldstripping please register and reply to this post and we will work you through it!

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