Drengr Fieldstrip Folder – Aett Armorers Custom Knife - CAD Animation Video

More in-depth discussion on our inaugural product, the Drengr Folding Knife. Design goals, challenges, insight into what goes into making it.
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Drengr Fieldstrip Folder – Aett Armorers Custom Knife - CAD Animation Video

Post by Aett Armorers-Chris » Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:54 pm

As with many things we do, this video took on a bit of a life of its own as it was made.

First, I never intended to do an animation video. The video evolved from my working on patent drawings in Fusion 360 where I needed exploded & isometric views of the knife for the reference drawings which required using Fusion Animation. I had no previous experience with either Fusion 360 Drawings or Animations so what you see is my first run.

Since patent applications have been submitted, I am now free to show all aspects of the knife which I had not been able to discuss previously. Apparently, I had a pent up need to share this with the world finally!

Key Notes On Video:
  1. The Song - "Ecstasy of Gold", The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I don't think people will say this was too subtle...
    Hey, this knife is a big deal for us! I resigned from a job that paid well to become exactly what I want to be. An Armorer.
    Since I was young, making unique things was a passion of mine. I have always looked at it like if the worst case scenario is I built something no one else did, then I'm perfectly happy with that.
  2. Knife Opening - The "Flip tab" for the blade is at the front of the knife instead of on the backstrap. This was done because I wanted to stay as true to the lines of the Mameluke sword as possible. In most cases form follows function but, in this case, the reverse is true.
  3. Blade Locking - I show this because I want to highlight that the hardened steel blade lock lever fits into a recess in the titanium frame. This design feature provides additional security to the lock up under hard use by reducing the chance of the lever folding over during hard impact or extreme force.
  4. Take-down (Field Stripping) - This is, by far, my favorite feature on the knife. My primary driver in design is creating something which operates in a different way somehow. Knives are pretty basic mechanically so I wanted to add a mechanical feature that was both unique and served an important purpose. I drew inspiration from my time in the Marine Corps and our appreciation for equipment that can be "field stripped" to clean, repair, etc...
  5. Removing Blade Lock & Spring - Another feature I really like. My goal here is to give the user options to tune the knife to their own preferences. For those who have or have used a quality 1911 pistol or rifle with a tuned trigger, I think you will really appreciate this feature.
  6. Scales Removal - This is not part of regular field stripping but I did want to show how they are held on and come off. I have had numerous quality knifes where the screws eventually backed out and even lost a few screws over the years. I'm pretty hard on the knives I carry and don't want it loosening up because of delicate screws. That's why I went with solid posts integral to the frames and round spring steel retainers.
  7. Blade Going Back On - I'm doing the standard blade basically as shown in the video. We plan on offering different blade materials as I tune machining/grinding/engraving to each. We also plan to offer blade blanks in different materials with pre-cut pivot/lock-up geometry so that owners can literally grind their own custom blade at home to put into this knife.
  8. Song Timing - Honestly, I have about 1 week's worth of video editing experience. The entire video animation was done prior to adding a soundtrack. I went through about 30 Good, Bad, Ugly videos to find one about the right length and found this one with the gunshot at the end. I plugged that in and just timed the gunshot with blade closing. The lulls and crescendos in the song match up surprising well since none of them were planned. We made some minor adjustments on fades and word spacing on trailers and got a pretty good result I think.
Feel free to ask me any questions about the knife. We created this forum so people could ask about the knife in a central place so we can support our product and customers in the best way possible.

I'd like to thank my long-time friend and former business partner Monica Ortiz for all her help and support. We've teamed up again to bring about Aett Armorers and this knife as our first product. As most micro business owners can relate, she is involved with nearly everything from design ideas to video editing, webdesign, marketing, sales, administration and operations. Thanks Monica!

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