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Aett Armorer's Drengr Fieldstrip Folder - Camo Layered Wood Natural, Camo Canvas Micarta Fieldstrips Without Tools 2 Sets of Scales – Camo Layered Wood Natural, Camo Canvas MicartaSerial Nu.. Product #: DF00.0001.01 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $2,540.00 $2,540.00 1

Drengr Fieldstrip Folder - Camo Layered Wood Natural, Camo Canvas Micarta

Availability: 1
Condition: New
Scales: 2 sets included. Stabilized Camo Wood, Camo Canvas Micarta
Specs: AEBL Blade, TItanium Frames, Stainless Steel Internals
Base Price: $2,540.00
Special Pricing: Introductory Special 30% OFF

Price: $2,540.00  $1,778.00

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Comes with 2 sets of scales, the more decorative scales (dress set) are a stabilized/layered  camo wood with the natural layer outermost.  The second set is a sturdy camo layered  canvas micarta (field set) which is intended as the daily carry set.  Both sets of scales are hand-fit to the knife and hand finished.  The blade is our inaugural design which is only on 12 knives total.  These knives are the only 2 in the first 12 which have the camo layered wood with natural layer on outside.  Certification notes these details.

As with all Dengr Fieldstrip Folder  knives, future blade/parts offerings will be interchangeable easily with this knife. 


Fieldstrip Feature:

Fast, toolfree disassembly.  This incredible feature opens up so many possibilities not found on other knives. 

  • Disassemble knife in seconds without tools to clean internals
  • 2 sets of scales standard which can be changed by owner.  What other knives offer that?!
  • Quickly change blade or blade lock in seconds.
  • Change carry clip or remove it completely without tools.
  • Frames are held together with full length integral joint instead of screws.
  • A field strip knife stronger and more reliable than many non-fieldstrip knives.
  • Ability to change look and function of knife as time and tastes change
  • Taking apart most other knives voids their warranty.  Not ours!



  • All Design, CNC programming, machining and finishing is done in-house by Aett Armorers.  
  • Frames Serial Numbered.  Incredibly low serial numbers!  These are literally the first knives being offered to the public after nearly 2 years of full-time development.  We are a maker with limited and careful production.
  • Designed so that owners can order replacement parts and different versions/materials as they become available.
  • Fieldstripping the knife lets owners see the inner workings and fine details of their knife which are rarely seen otherwise. 
  • Very limited production - Currently we can produce less than 10 a month so please click "Notify" if out of stock so that you can receive an email when our next small batch is available.
  • Different engravings types throughout the knife create a unique look and feel.  Rotary engravings inside frames and on spine of blade.  Fiber laser engraving of maker's mark on side of Blade.
Standard Specifications
Overall Length 8.11"
Blade Length 3.54"
Blade Material AEBL
Blade Style Inaugural
Blade Finish Hand Finished
Handle Length 4.57"
Handle Thickness 0.787"
Frame Material Titanium 6AL4V
Frame Finish Bead Blast, PVD Coated - gold color
Scales Hand Finished - Stabilized Wood, Canvas Micarta
Pocket Clip Titanium, Tip-Down Carry
Knife Type Manual
Lock Type Frame Lock
Warranty 1 Year Limited

Notable Features

Interchangeable Parts:  Blades, Carry Clip, Blade Lock, Scale/Lanyard Screws all can be easily changed to change look and feel of knife.  

Scales:  2 sets of hand fit scales interlock to frames and retained by sturdy stainless steel screws.  Tools provided for removing.

Blade Lock:  Recessed into frame for additional strength.

Carry Clip:  Tip-down carry.  Ergonomically design of shape, size and position for  minimal interference while using knife.

Pivot Spacer:  Durable and replaceable Phosphor Bronze spacer for smooth and precise fit.



Blade:  "Av skade blir ein vis" (Norse meaning "From harm one becomes wise") rotary engraved on spine of blade. 
Maker's mark fiber laser engraved on side of blade.  Fuller grooved in keeping with look of Mameluke sword.  
* Stock Photo - may differ than actual knife listed, galley pics are of listed knives * 

Scales:  Hand fit to frames for near seamless feel.  Hand finished and buffed.   
* Stock Photo - may differ than actual knife listed, galley pics are of listed knives * 

Frames:  Precision machined, hand finished, bead blasted then PVD coated with industrial level coating for "Gold" look.  Serial numbers as well as other decorative engravings on inside of frames.
* Stock Photo - may differ than actual knife listed, galley pics are of listed knives * 

Scale And Lanyard Screws:  Designed, machined and hand finished In-house like just about everything! 
ScaleScrews* Stock Photo - may differ than actual knife listed, galley pics are of listed knives * 


 Overview and Fieldstrip Video 


1 Knife w/Carry Clip
2 Sets of Scales
Scale and Lanyard Screw Tools
Spare Pivot Spacer
Handmade Wood Presentation Box
Owners Manual
Certificate of Authenticity
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